POST NUMBER – 1. I Phone 6

gsmarena_022 gsmarena_023 adoccartoon44 apple-iphone-6-2 apple-iphone-6-3 apple-iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus gsmarena_012 gsmarena_013 gsmarena_017

some pics of iphone 6 from gsmarena so check it guys


I am ansuman and today i come with a very hot phone specification, i know everyone know’s what the feature and the specification of i phone6 i just elaborate the feature and my suggestion about this phone so lets take a look on my post for the iphone 6


1. apple introduce new screen size that is really good. it is visible in indoor and outdoor, the screen brightness is very good and no stuck in a single brightness. quality is fantastic front cam is 1.2 MP and the back cam is 8 MP. the quality of the picture is very nice and slow motion video quality is also great. you can take a snap by blur the effect at that instant and you can change the colour resolution and natural focus.

3.Screen size big so you can easily type and there is a option of type in a single hand or you can easily use the phone in single hand so go to your setting menu and turn on reachability so you can easily handle the phone by single hand

4.Processor is so fast A8 processor which give you a faster and smoother and well comfortable to switch one app to another app. and apple will make a good update in processor in iphone 6 as compare to the old one.

5.there is a laser sharp auto focus camera present which will give you a good picture quality

6.Gaming purpose it is the best phone. because the smart processor and the big display and the screen brightness make it giant in gaming i already play lot of game in iphone 6 and my opinion is thumps up.

6.NEW FEATURE IS——– PAYMENT SYSTEM is a good feature of iphone 6 and it will provide a easy way to handle money transaction and control your budget. so it is a update feature of i phone 6 but unfortunately this application not work in India but it will quickly available

7.If you want to see any video in big display then just make easier with i phone 6 and you can connect with smart TV and you can access the all feature of i phone 6.

8.the iphone 6 is add a new hardware design which was some extend it will tilt and band that is a good one and more flexible in pocket.

9.lets go for pricing i don’t know about other countries people opnion but the price is more in India and so interest of people is less in india but its fine for premium product people spend. So it is little expensive.

Thank you to read my post and give suggestion about my post and also i phone so go head for i phone 6 if you are a i phone lover otherwise in my next post i will review some new smart phone with some new operating system. so wait till that day Namashkar, bye.



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