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Hello guys i am ansuman and today I have a good review of the new phone launch from samsung.

So here we go,

Whenever i heard that a phone launched by samsung i feel that is something interested and a revolutionary because change the marketing strategy of the mobile world so my expectation is more from samsung, let me allow to start

In upcoming days samsung will launch a new phone in India and that is GALAXY ALPHA. It is purely new series of galaxy. So 1st explain the specification, then i share my opinion and the benefits of samsung galaxy alpha.

Specification: says that pain is purely different in look with classic and premium body and style,because customers are feeling boar to see the same model like galaxy series so company take a step and change the body design. The body is not oval it is slightly square and every edge cut very carefully where someone feel the design. So company introduces 3 different models or design like leather and plastic and matt finish body.

2. The material quality is so nice and it’s surrounded by metal coat and like i phone so it will give you a sophisticated look and good grip, but back cover made of leather and plastic

3. So if i come to the display size and the quality it is so nice and 720p resolution and the brightness is a little bit less in daytime. Screen size is 4.7 inches so that one is big one, it looks nice and good

4.come to the camera part samsung provide a good quality of the camera. So back is 12mp and the front is 2mp and sanp shutters are so fast and the picture quality is very good with flash the picture quality is so nice because the flash provide horizontal and that was good build style.

5. The processor is octacore processor, which will provide you a smoother and softer experience on your phone and you can easily switch from one app to another app very quickly.

6.come to RAM it is a 2 GHz so you can play high graphic game and some high quality video.

7. Since long battery life company was providing 1860 mg battery.


1. 4.7in HD 720p Super AMOLED screen
2. Density of 320ppi.
3. Octa-core 1.8GHz Exynos 5 processors
4. With the handset set to also be made available with a quad-core 2.5GHz chip, equipping it with 300Mbps Cat 6 LTE speeds.
5. 2GB of RAM
6. 32GB of internal storage
7. Android 4.4.4 Kitkat
8. Galaxy Apps service and Magazine UX


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